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The history of our dental practice cannot be described so easily. There are so many experiences, so many people supporting us and dreams about this project that we could hardly describe them all, but let’s try it, I’ll be brief:

Around 2015, after a few years of hard work, exhaustive training and some savings, Dr. Jaime Robles, with special interest in oral rehabilitation, and Dr. Mari Encarna Robles, expert in Orthodontics and orthopedics, together with Aurora Sánchez, giving support with logistics and management, decided to open a dental practice in Caravaca made up of specialists in the field of dentistry. This was possible thanks to our contacts with the Espinardo Dental Clinic training, and several professors who became close friends.

We were able to count on everyone, Dr. Marcos Cabaña, specialist in oral rehabilitation, pain and dysfunction, and Dr. Amparo Pérez, paediatric dentist, later our colleague Dr. Araceli Fernández arrived to join the team with her specialty in Endodontics. And, of course, the arrival of Maria Jose, our specialist oral hygiene technician who came in with endless kindness, transforming a tedious cleaning into a pleasant health session. And Alba, who is responsible for caring for patients as they deserve, always friendly and in a good mood. Later on, Lola joined us: after being a patient we did not let her escape and today she is responsible for receiving everyone who comes to visit us with her best smile.

And the twists and turns that life takes, our colleague Dr. Charo Sanchez-Carreño, after a long time working in England, decides to return to her hometown, being today an essential pillar in our clinic. Finally, Paqui arrived, in charge of the internal control of the surgery, making sure that everything is clean and tidy and treating the patient with the best of her smiles, always attentive and pleasant.

Until today, the only thing we can say is THANK YOU.

Although in Spain it is not mandatory (yet) to specialize in a specific branch of dentistry, all of our collaborators have extra qualifications in that part of dentistry that they like the most. They have done several masters, many courses, both training and updating, and are exclusively dedicated to their specialty. The result of this is great perfection and experience in your field of work.

We work according to an excellent patient care protocol. We want the experience of those who visit us to be not only positive, but extraordinary. When things are done well, calmly, and valuing communication between the patient and the entire team, the results have to be good. And we are not talking only about the personal satisfaction of those who visit us, but about the results of the treatments.

We know that the only way to always offer the best results is to continually renew. It is our reason for being up to date in methods, materials and techniques. Some of us also teach, what make us not only be the best in our work, but also train many other dentists or dental professionals who will follow our practice.

Our values ​​allow us to practice responsible, friendly, safe and affordable dentistry for the patient. Social responsibility is a fundamental pillar of our clinic. We base our mission on contributing to the improvement of people’s health. Our commitment to society also extends to other areas with the aim of generating trust and respect from all those with whom we work, ensuring ethical and sustainable practices.

We practice holistic dentistry, the mouth is interrelated with the rest of the body, that is why we carry out an exhaustive assessment: aesthetic, structural, periodontal and functional. We only propose those treatments that the patient really needs, once their specific situation has been studied and their therapeutic and/or emotional needs have been diagnosed.

At Centro Clínico de Especialidades Odontológicas the materials we use are almost as important as the skill and professional knowledge of the professional who uses them. The quality of the materials and instruments you use not only affects the way you work and the time you spend, but, above all, the final result in your mouth. Certified quality materials allow more precise work, make complications less frequent and offer more aesthetic and lasting results. The laboratory work also includes the declaration of conformity, which certifies that it complies with all health requirements.

We know how important your time is, and how little availability we have nowadays. For this reason, our hours are uninterrupted, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., with the possibility of also attending on Saturday. We do not close in August. We adapt to your availability.

Because we understand oral health in a comprehensive way, we also believe that coordination between the different experts in each subject is a fundamental piece to obtain the best results. We study each case at the beginning through a meeting of specialists, where after giving each one of them their point of view, they arrive, together, to the best possible solution. A good analogy could be an orchestra, where each musician is closely related to all the others, and under the direction of the conductor, they obtain the final piece of work.

We are committed to the principles of this practice. We want our treatments to offer the best results to our patients, without for this reason having to sacrifice any healthy oral structure or give up keeping their natural teeth until an advanced age. We work to preserve the tooth and its supporting structures to the maximum.

The closeness and continued service with the same professionals make our patients prefer us. Because they stop being “patients” to become friends. Because we know them, we create links, and we go beyond “treating the mouth.” Thus, complicity and trust are created with whoever visits us and our patients appreciate it.

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